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tested adj
1 tested and proved useful or correct; "a tested method" [syn: tried, well-tried]
2 tested and proved to be reliable [syn: time-tested, tried, tried and true]

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  1. past of test
    They tested the water for contaminants.

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Tested is a live album by punk rock band Bad Religion that was recorded live in USA, Canada, Germany, Estonia, Denmark, Italy and Austria in 1996 and released in 1997. The unique thing about this album is the way that it was recorded. Instead of crowd mikes and "mobile studios," the band simply tapped the inputs. This results in a clean and crisp sound that accurately portrays Bad Religion's live sound, though without crowd noise. It also includes three new songs; "Dream Of Unity," "It's Reciprocal," and the title track.

Track listing

  1. "Operation Rescue"
  2. "Punk Rock Song"
  3. "Tomorrow"
  4. "A Walk"
  5. "God Song"
  6. "Pity The Dead"
  7. "1000 More Fools"
  8. "Drunk Sincerity"
  9. "Generator"
  10. "Change Of Ideas"
  11. "Portrait Of Authority"
  12. "What It Is"
  13. "Dream Of Unity"
  14. "Sanity"
  15. "American Jesus"
  16. "Do What You Want"
  17. "Part III"
  18. "10 In 2010"
  19. "No Direction"
  20. "Along The Way"
  21. "Recipe For Hate"
  22. "Fuck Armageddon"
  23. "It's Reciprocal"
  24. "Struck A Nerve"
  25. "Leave Mine To Me"
  26. "Tested"
  27. "No Control"



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